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  • Hi,

    My project is being designed for a 4:3 ration. However, when exported to cocoonjs on phones etc the layout will be more like 16:9 or 3:2.

    The problem I am having is with wrap. I have an object set to wrap and in letterbox scale everything is working as expected. However, when I set to "scale" (which emulates what will happen when I put it on a tablet/phone device) the object wraps incorrectly and now disappears part way across the screen.

    How, do I reset wrap so that it knows about the current size of the layout?

    I have attached a simple capx to show what I mean.

    Run it first and see bullet moves off the screen and comes back as expected.

    Now, set the project to "scale" and the bullet disappears about 3/4 across.


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  • Lots of views, no solutions :( Ashley, does this mean it is a bug in wrap?

    I seem to be stuck.

    I cannot change the layout size after the app has started so as it is wrap will not function correctly if the screen size is set to scale.

  • Ashley, is there any way to reset the wrap so that it wraps to the dimensions of the screen? At the moment it is essentially broken if you want the object to wrap in screen with different aspect ratios.

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