How do I wrap layout around object?

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  • I'm trying to achieve a kind of "seamless wrap" effect, similar to the Wrap behavior in function but visually distinct, if you will. Basically, instead of seeing the player actually leave the edge of the screen and reappear on the other side, I'd instead like the player to always be centered, never getting closer to any of the edges, and have the environment wrap around him instead of the other way around. Imagine it like traveling in a straight line around a ball, where you'll eventually end up on the spot you started without reaching an end or beginning.

    My basic idea is to have the player not have any actual movement of his own, and instead have everything else get moved around by the player's controls. Thus everything else can have the Wrap behavior and wrap around the world while the player remains at its center. Sounds like it'd work on paper, but would it be CPU intensive if there were a lot of objects on screen, all getting nudged around at the same time? I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to better achieve something like this.

  • There are some really good effects there, including "seamless", which is what you need

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  • Already have all those Though I tried using the Scroll effect to try and do it. Problem is, when applied to the layout the effects seem to be bounded by the edges of the view port rather than the entire layout, which can look a little strange.

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