WP8 works, but in the browser or WP8.1 app crashes

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  • Hi there!

    How are you today?

    I've been using Construct from Scirra for a while now just for my own fun and exploration. Bought a license to support the guys and their great work. Now I'm working on actually releasing a game!

    The only problem is when I export to Windows Phone 8, the game works great on my two test Windows 8.1 Phones (Flagship Lumia 930 with 2GB RAM and Low-End Lumia 635 with 512MB RAM) but are a bit jaggy.

    Although If I export the game to a Windows 8.1 Universal app, on the Lumia 930 verything is perfect and beautiful but on the low-end phone it crashes as soon as I press the Go button to open the actual game Layout.

    Loading -> Menu Layout -> Actual Game Layout

    If I try the browser it does the exact same thing. Am I stuck using the WP8 app or there's a way to fix what's happening with the low-end phone with the WP8.1 app (and the browser).

    Thanks all and have a great day


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