How do I make a working webview app using iframe?

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  • Hello all!

    I have a site/blog that I want to convert in an app. My idea was to make a menu layout with buttons that direct the user on a different page on the site.

    I use iframe on another layout that goes to requested url. There is also a UI at the bottom with Back button, Forward button, Home button and Share button.

    The whole idea should work, but when the browser layout loads, the iframe is blank (black).

    I use a variable to identify the URL:

    On tap Cat1>System Set PageVar to 1> Go to layout Main

    System> PageVar=1>iframe: Go to "url x"

    Thanks in advance!

    C2 release 239 (64 bit), Windows 10 Home 64 bit, iframe plugin: HTML | iFrame v1.36

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  • If anyone believes this should be in another forum, please say, I need an answer and I can't use any other tool to do my work.

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