How do I make working the vactor X ???

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  • Hi guys, somehow my Vector X is not working.....just a few pixels maybe....

    in another part the vector Y is doing fine...but here the vector X is not really working...obviously my fault...but why ?

    here is my's like in super mario that after hiting the enemy, the player bounces away for a certain distance of pixels...


    sorry...I am beginner,....and I really shame in front of so tough guys like U who can code like Pros...

    2 long days...I am tring to see tutorials manuals and asking help...


  • The deceleration setting is likely changing the vector x back to 0 quickly. Which it is made to do. The solution would be to set the deceleration to 0 before setting vector x. Add a wait action then set the deceleration back up to let it move for a bit.


    set deceleration to 0

    set vector x to 100

    wait 1.0 second

    set deceleration to 1000

    ^That will move the object 100 pixels over 1 second. You could make it only take half a second with:

    set deceleration to 0

    set vector x to 200

    wait 0.5 second

    set deceleration to 1000

    You can calculate the distance moved, vector x to use and time to use with this equation:

    distance = vectorX * time

    You just need to have two of the values and you can calculate the other by manipulating the equation.

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  • very kind it possibile to see a small capx sample ?

    thanks a lot

  • R0J0hound is best person to ask

  • Ah ok I maged it that was super can i mange this :

    ...if the player hits from left the enemy, player bounces back left...if player hits enemy from tight, bounces to right side

    anyway thanks,,,that was awesome

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