How do I make a working options menu?

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  • A new problem for the same game. I have another problem yet unsolved, so if you want to help me solve it, check out my other post. For this problem, I want to know how you can get a working sound bar onto your options menu without being able to change it when the menu is hidden. I can't seem to spawn in the sound bar. Help!

  • So which bits of this have you made? The sound bar? The options menu? Do you need help with all of this?

  • I made the options menu and the sound bar. I just have a problem with spawning it in without having to set it invisible, as every time I try to spawn it in when the options menu is open, it doesn't show.

  • You can avoid all of that hassle by putting your options menu onto one layer and enabling/disabling the visibility of the layer when the open menu button is clicked. I think that's a better option than spawning in elements of the options menu at random times and not knowing what is really going on with the visibility of objects. Then a way of ensuring the player can't touch any of the options when it's closed, add conditions to all of your options assets i.e. sound bar touched > adjust sound, add a condition here so you can only do that if options.layer is visible.

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  • Okay thanks! I was still really having trouble until I read this. This seems like it will work.

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