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  • hey hi!

    i'm a noob trying to hack an app together that uses data from TMDB's API but i can't figure out how to make the results it returns usable in C2.

    lets say i make a search request for a person like that:

    what it gives me is:

    {"page":1,"results":[{"adult":false,"id":488,"name":"Steven Spielberg","profile_path":"/jRWARxzljSY8SbOKTludOSECdk7.jpg"},{"adult":false,"id":8700,"name":"Sasha Spielberg","profile_path":null},{"adult":false,"id":23965,"name":"Anne Spielberg","profile_path":null},{"adult":false,"id":54127,"name":"David Spielberg","profile_path":null}],"total_pages":1,"total_results":4}

    so right now i have a text input field wich modifies the search term of the request URL and the ajax object can request the the data from that URL no problem and from there i can load it into whatever i want.

    Now i'm stuck though.. nothing seems to want to work. right now i'm experimenting with the hash-tables plugin but no success so far.

    my goal here is to get all the resulting persons names shown and made clickable in C2.

    any ideas where to look?



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