Working on a gardening system and need some help

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  • So, I made a gardening system in my project (credit goes to Yann for showing me how to) and I've come across some problems.

    *The planting patch's sprite slightly changes Y co-ords as it changes between growth stages. I've checked, the sprite does not change it's y co-ords via events, only by itself. All of the sprites for it are also 32x32.

    *There is currently no way to extend the tree's lifespan (at least in the engine) after it reaches harvestable maturity. I just like for it to be longer, that's all.

    *Due to all dirt patches being instance copies of each other, a glitch occurs where if you change one instance variable: It changes all of the other trees in the game. I consider this a problem since each planting patch in-game is considered a separate entity.

    Also, any better way to handle animation in events than what I'm doing in controls? At least, a cleaner or more efficient way.


  • * your hotspot isn't centered on all frame

    * you can change the value of lifeSpan at edittime in the property panel under "instance variable" when you click on plantspot. However if you just want the harvest time to be significantly greater than other phases, you can duplicate the harvestTime animation frame (or rework the math)

    * See how event works, it's a picking issue

    The animation thing is working, so it's ok

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  • About the last one:

    Would I have to create additional events for each tree in relation of changing instance variables, or can I make one global set of events with some sort of possible "for every tree" command if it exists for instance variables?

    To clear things up, I just want to know what's the most efficient and/or easiest way to handle the instance variables for tree no. 2, and so on.

    Nevermind: I think I figured out how to pick by instance. I just wonder if there is possibly? a better way to do this or if there is a "compare object instance number"? condition/command available.

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