How do I work with stars without array

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  • Hi guys

    I am new to this construct. Looked through few manuals and tutorials and found this good tutorial.

    LevelSelect Tutorial In Construct 2 | Level Selection - A Youtube Video for unlocking levels and adding stars.

    But here is the problem, I am not good with arrays, understanding and modifying it. So I decided to create stars like angry birds points for my game with multiple events instead of following the above tutorial. Somebody help me to make the level 2 button to be visible only when I complete the level 1 and add number of stars to the star texts in the Lvls page.

    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Anybody guys

  • WIthout using much arrayed code

    For stars: Import three star sprites, to the score layout(to the score layer) which by the way will be hidden On start of layout. When the level is finished, based on the points, make visible and invisible the stars as you wanted. It's simple

  • For locking the next level: I tried the same visible, not working properly.

    and showing the star count in the levels page: I am confused. ( I have not used the save values much, so no)

  • Thanks

    Could somebody help me with the other two questions.

  • I am struck. You dont have to do it for me. Just suggest me an idea for unlocking locked levels one after another without using arrays and saving all the star counts in that world, in the levels page.

  • Guys anybody

  • Maybe you could describe it better

  • codah Let's say I have a levels page with 10 levels in it.

    1. I want each level to be unlocked only when the previous level is completed (without using array)

    2. Each level has stars like angry birds game. In the levels page, I need the total star counts for that ten levels. (without using arrays)

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  • Guys anybody

  • I was looking for the same. Tbh i read some guides about arrays but i cant really comprehend arrays.

    Maybe i will use frames and let you know if it works but as i have a full time job it will take quite some time.

  • Maybe this link could help just in case you didnt see it;

    i will try this step by step when i have time for it

  • You could do that using variables.

    Easiest way I think would be to make one global object and give it a bunch of variables.

    But for that many levels, Arrays would be much better - from data managing point of view. One Array could store all levels, level stars etc.. And for something simple as that Arrays are not that difficult.

  • When the level 1 is achieved create events such as hide the dummy button for the next level with lock symbol and make visible original button which has click connection to it.

    It may works, not sure. But still this is a hectic job to do mate.

  • I am also curious about the second question, the star count in the levels page. I can guess how to do that, but how to do that without increasing the count again and again for the same level.

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