How do I work with large graphics

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  • I'm currently making a game where I have made a huge graphic as the backdrop for the level (3764, 2524), the player scrolls around the backdrop. This works great on PC, but messes up on iPad and I assume it's something to do with graphic size limitations.

    What's the best way to work with large backdrops? I would ideally like a single image as piece the level together with individual layered graphics would take too long. Any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • Other than splitting the backdrop into smaller pieces and then adding that as individual sprites is the best I can think of..

  • Good idea, I'll give it a go, have you any idea of the optimal / largest size to use?

  • I really don't. I guess try something like 200x200, mabie a bit bigger or smaller. Whatever is convenient to work with for you I guess.

  • Cutting it up wont help. It will still take up the same amount of memory, if not more.

    You need to limit the memory use by piecing it out. Use several reusable textures, IE repeatable instances that can be scaled, and or rotated.

    That with tiled backgrounds for large empty spaces.

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