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  • I think i found a bug in the platform behavior.

    I filed it as a bug, But i'll make a thread here to see if someone knows a work around.

    Basically im using the platform behavior.

    I have set custom controls up with it.

    I also have a variable for each parameter of the behavior <-- Because im cool [8)]

    I have one im using that's pretty important. Im using a max and min speed variable (originally just one var, But because of this issue i now have 2)

    If the spacebar is down then im setting players speed to MaxPlayerSpeed(600)

    If its not down, then im setting players platform speed to PlayerMinSpeed(300)

    Im basically making the player sprint.

    But the problem is if he is sprinting and i press up to jump whilst running right it works fine, But im sprinting and i press jump and he's running left it doesn't jump..

    Any ideas/solutions as to why?


  • ps The reason I have not provided my capx is because its for the comp..

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  • Ha I didn't understood at first in the bugs section.

    It's an interuption from the keyboard.

    Having, space, up and left down altogether doesn't work, on any keyboard.

    Same if you try up, left and down at the same time.

    To fix, use a different key then space. It should fix it.

  • Awwwwwwwww!!!!! but I really need space [:'(]

    Could you suggest another key that would feel comfortable?

  • A, S and D are perfect for buttons if your using arrows. (left hand in the same position as touch typing).

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