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  • Hello everyone!

    I have a serious question, if this can be done, and how could this be done if it could...

    Here is my problem, I want users to play my app and go to a page where they can register an account or login to an account.

    After they have logged into or created their account, they are greeted by a main page (another layout) with their login name, and various other information. I understand that I will need a database and a bit of php coding in order for my app to store users information onto a database. I do see a tutorial on sending information to a database, however how would I be able to extract this data from the database? I am having trouble with the logic.

    I would want this app to do the following:

    1. Store user login credentials

    2. Store users posting information (almost like how Facebooks wall works)

    3. Store users friends or followers

    4. Various other information.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  • This may help you with the basics on how to send information to a mysql database

    Here you go !

    Cheers !

  • Thank you! However would this all be the same for grabbing text out of the database and users that you have added to your friend list?

  • ...and also could this work for uploading images and storing them into a database and retrieving them within Construct 2?

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  • Anyone with knowledge in this area would be good help

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