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  • Hi! what is the best way to add thousands of words to a game? i'm making a word game with thousands of words they are in a txt file as a list, i think that i need to create an array to fill with the words and use to compare values. but it seems a difficult job to enter each value. there's a way to load theses values automatically?


  • - I'm in the process of making a word game as well, and I'm using an XML word list to store everything. There are currently 110,000~ words, and searching through them is very fast, though I've done a couple of things to help limit the number of nodes that need to be searched at any given time.

    There's extra overhead in the file, of course, due to the need for tags, but the ease of searching, for me, far outweighs the cost. The entire file is 2.5mb, but this also includes a separate list of about 12,000 9-letter words (something I needed specifically for my game).

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  • hi rogueNoodle tks for the tip! have you typed your entire list? or downloaded it? care to share?

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