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    (picture because of easier to show instead for writing)

    Above selection will only be true when it is SOLIDWALL. The numbers being EXIT, TUBEIN or EGG won't be honored even when these exist.

    How can I do (in one line) so that it will work?

    I would prefer to have it in one line because it is in a group of nine lines (of explosion pattern)

    I know I am bad with logic stuff.. so please help me.

    (I am back with "eventing" (what would we call coding? ) )

  • You can't OR numbers together like that. Use a local variable to store the Value-at result, and then test:

    local != SOLIDWALL & local != EXIT & local != TUBEIN & local != EGG.

    Note, I'm guessing you don't want ANY of those values, so you check with AND not OR.

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  • blackhornet to the rescue again (yes I remember)

    This is confusing me a bit, but I will try to use my grey cells later on. Have to attend to menial matters such as making dinner now!

  • And now I have deciphered your solution into events. I made it too convoluted in my head, but it was quite simple really. Thank you.

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