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  • To let say on a layout that will be basically the Hud in a but I have like ten layer for it to operate on. Is there a way to pack /unpack the layout layer without globalized the ten layer Sort of like how container is like i wonder if there something like that for layers. Cause each layer is basically a dfferent inventory option and such. and some layer were just there just becauseof certain background lol .

    If it isnt possible then is it possible to go to layout n back to pretend as if a Hud like layer was used. And how Would I "freeze" the game layout so that when going to this inventory layout i can return to the prievious layout without doing the old onstart layout being trigger.

    I assume that a global variable for each on start layout event in order to control it?

    the reason why i am asking this is because I imagine having multiple game layout and one multi-layer inventory layout and i really dont want to recreate layer over n over n over n over for each new layout just for the multi-layer inventory. And yes the inventory will take up the whole screen

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  • I'm interested to see if any of the C2 veterans have a easy fix for this...

    If nothing else, you could make the inventory items all be created when the game is paused...

    You would put the create inventory events into it's own sheet and include it into all the sheets that you can go to the inventory screen.

  • There are a bunch of options:

  • well that persist works wonderfully that i forgot it exist but I knew how global layers work but was hoping that there was a way to say combine some layer into one so that it acted as a sublayer I guess z order would be the sublayer but theres no lock in place for z order ? or is that something ashley is willing to add? It would be nice if sub layering would be possible so that it could lead to better organized object and such without problem of movement of the object. I cannot tell you how many time i would accidently click on a tilemap and moved it i got so frustrated with it i just created like too many layer just to have locking in place.

    But really a object lock in position would be so wonderful. Pretty please.

    But I did go with the layout and persist and i even added in a callback to layoutname so that it would be smart about it. that actually worked out better since i didnt have to deactive the group of player anymore lol.

  • I'm not Ashley, so I can't tell you what he'd be willing to add or not.

    That said, I seem to recall construct classic had a feature to lock objects in place. Can't hurt to ask.

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