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  • I'm trying to create a trainer game for roleplaying. this will be done by choosing from a number of option, whitch in turn gives diferent outcomes. What would be the best template to start out with, or is something like this not possible with counstruct 2?

  • That's a pretty broad question. Of course it's possible but, it's very advanced concept in game design. I don't know where you'd get a template and I'm not discouraging you. I believe engaging an advanced concept is great way to become good. What your asking is a concept that you really need to reason out on your own. You might want to look in the scirra store to see if someone is selling a game project that employs similar mechanics.

    Good Luck

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  • it's more that when i start a new project, you have a bunch of option to start with. Is there any difference to which is best used?

  • branolia You need to decide, which look you want to have. 1st person-3d is not an option in c2 (no 3d engine), platformer is not really best for this genre, so you end up with top down or Isometric view (like diablo, ultima, starcraft, wow,....) is possible even multiplayer.

    Take a look, this might be an option for you:

    I just this this for another Post here:

    Not finished yet, so check back there from time to time, to see improvement, if you like.

    (You can use it to start with as you please.)

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