Wind/Push Effect (Solved)

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  • So, I'm having difficulty searching SCIRRA through their search forum functionality and I'm not weaving through 300 odd pages to see if someone has made a topic about this :p

    Hopefully someone can help me.

    I'm still new to the whole construct 2 thing and just wondering how I can create a sort of affected area that pushes the character in one direction and stop when they leave it.

    I have would like to have this sort effect appear as if a fan is blowing the player up towards the sky (Y axis) and when they move away it stops/gets weaker.

    I've tried it in ways that I thought it was suppose to be made but currently all I do is go up when I go near it and never land even when I exit it and it doesn't let me add Else events either so it becomes more difficult. (I haven't got the hang of things yet :P)



    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Make a big invisible sprite and if the player is collided with it, apply force (if youre using physics) to the player in the direction you want.

    I guess if you arent using physics you can constantly set the X or Y direction by a small amount of pixels every tick in the direction you want.

  • You probably aren't clicking far enough to the left on your event to get the Add/Else menu. You are clicking on the condition.

  • You probably aren't clicking far enough to the left on your event to get the Add/Else menu. You are clicking on the condition.I find that annoying, I even submitted that as a bug, I'd love a more intuitive way to get the Add/Else menu.

  • There a sample in arcade but it's broken, i've reported to tom

  • Thanks guy I'll try it real soon.

    I use hotkeys on event pages and the Else menu is always greyed out.


    Currently uploading my work for those who can try and help.

    I'm still not understanding how the game defines when the player is touching the sprite and when it's not.

    I'm calling the collision of the player and object to set the gravity to 0 so the player floats, will I have to call the player again if he isn't touching the sprite to set the gravity to 1280?

    I've uploaded it and am sharing it to those who wish to help.

    (I have less than 500 rep so I cannot submit a link, private message to obtain the capx.)

    (ps. Version used to save the capx is 123.2 64bit.)

  • I've finally got it.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    (for those who wish to understand how it's done).

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  • I tried the same thing and nothing appears ... I wanted to do something as a fan, to be close to you back then backwards, but I also interested to jump, you go up into the air. you have the CapX yet?

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