Windows 8 Privacy.html not working

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  • I was wondering if anyone else ran into this problem.

    I'm trying to put a Windows 8 Store app up, and I've got both the Metro Plugin and Windows 8 plugin in my project.

    I have the Windows 8 plugin to show the Privacy Policy option, and it does show up in the charms bar. But if I click it, nothing happens. My project has the privacy.html file, and it does have content... But I just can't get it to show. The Settings-Help and Settings-About files work fine.

    I see the code in the c2runtime.js that adds the charm option, but I can't figure out why it just won't show the file. No errors in my Visual Studio console either...



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  • Well, I sort of answered my own question.

    One thing that was a problem was the id for my privacy.html wasn't correct, but even after correcting it still didn't act right. Since I was using the Metro plugin, went into the c2runtime.js and found the section where the plugin was creating the Charms bar, and manually added my own entry for the privacy page. I also commented out the section of code the windows8 plugin used, to prevent a double posting of my Privacy policy option.

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