WIndows Phone plug in won't play sound

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  • Hello,

    I am following the tutorial ( to try to get sound to work on a WP device. After tinkering and failing for a bit, I tried the completed .capx from the tutorial.

    1) export to windows phone 8

    2) Add all of the .wav files into the media folder.

    3) Add existing items in Visual Studio. Make sure the .wave files show up.

    4) rebuild and deploy

    No sound. :(

    Anyone have an idea on how to trouble shoot?

  • KiratTheKop, hmmm, using those same steps I've gotten sound on my Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 820). What device do you have?

    And, if I remember correctly, I think during the export process, Construct 2 renames the audio files to lowercase. So, are the WAV files you import the same as the renamed audio files?

    Here's one of my apps that I just tested that has sound. Let me know if you also hear sound on it or not. App link

  • I noticed that and tried renaming them to uppercase. Then I tried it again all lower case. :(

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  • thehen

    Okay figured it out. I have to use the project solution that came with the plugin. What does that solution do differently from the one ported by Construct 2?


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