how to make windows 10 package.appxmanifest work

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  • Was anybody able to install the exported app on an Windows 10 phone?

  • michael:

    I'm not using OS Windows 10, it is not ready for my computer. But I try exporting the game for windows 8.1 and opening with VS2013 and I still get the same problem, and that is not related to OS Windows 10.

  • paula22, ah, OK.. you might want to tag Ashley about that then...

  • michael, I told Ashley 2 or 3 times, and didn't get an answer back so far

    It seems I can install Windows 10 today though, so I will see how that goes.

  • paula22, good luck with the install.

    If you have old hardware you may have issues.

    On my machine - 64 bit - (built about 6 months ago) Windows 10 Pro is rock solid.

    On my wifes machine - 32 bit - (which is my former dev machine) windows 10 Home is always locking up. Been putting up with it for a few weeks but finally did a roll back to 8.1 this morning - runs sweet as now!

    So hopefully you get good results....

  • michael,

    Thank you. Windows 10 went good so far, I also have a 64 bit computer. I'm having some minor problems but nothing unusual for a new OS, so far at least.

    However, I kept having the manifest error. Then I reinstalled Visual Studio (which caused a lot of problems of its own and took quite a while, but that is not unusual as well), and even with the fresh VS I still kept having the manifest error.

    Then, my husband (he knows quite some more than me about coding) took a look at my manifest's code and tried removing some quotes I had in the description text in my Consturct2 project description: that fixed it. Seems that when you put text in quotes in there, the fist quote closes something that goes in quotes in the code itself and it breaks.

    I hope this might help someone else, until the Construct2 developers can fix it.

    Now, I finally submitted my app to Windows and I[m waiting to see if it is approved or more problems come up. Usually it is approved within a couple of hours, and is been quite some hours this time and is still being reviewed.

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  • I am pretty sure you are just choosing the wrong install options for Visual Studio. Nobody else is reporting problems, and in particular you say the Windows 8.1 export for VS2013 doesn't work either, which as far as we have been aware has been working reliably for quite some time now.

  • No, what I said was that the Windows 8.1 export from the game created with r212.2 didn't work. While a Windows 8.1 export from a game created with r206 worked fine as usual.

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