Windows 10 IAP Broken? - WindowsStoreProxy.xml Where is it??

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  • Anyone have any idea on this?

    I have been trying to test a Windows 10 in app purchase.

    I have used the Windows 8 object (believe its used for windows 10 too) for the IAP calls, have set the Microsoft dev store up correctly, built and compiled it so that it runs in VS and installed as a sidebar app on my desktop computer.

    All settings on the Windows 8 object have been set to yes. Test,about,support,privacy.

    All the information I have found suggests that I should have the following files, but they are missing from the exported location.





    The project is exported as a Windows 10 Universal project. I do however get the above files if I export as Windows 8.1 Universal project.

    I believe from what I read I need the "WindowsStoreProxy.xml " file to alter and be able to enable the testing process?

    What might help is anyone who knows the exact process of where to run the app from so that you can test the IAP process etc? or any step i might be missing or doing incorrectly.

    After the app is run as a sidebar app on the Desktop computer there is no response when clicking on the purchase buttons, and nothing to suggest its working or not.

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  • Anyone?

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