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  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to introduce myself, because this is my first post in this Forum. I'm Dirk from germany and I recently came across this very nice game editor.

    I did the first tutorials and I'm very courious what I can learn from the next ones. So I'm not very good at programming and right at the start.

    So to my question: I have a very specific project in my mind and I want to know if its possible with construct or if I should use a "classic" language. Is it possible to use a Windows based system to show ingame achivements and stats while 2 to 8 android systems are in the same LAN (or WLAN) which are actuelly play a game on their handhelds?

    I hope it's clear what I ment an I appologize for spelling errors.


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  • Hey,

    ok, no answer yet, but many viewers. Is it ok to push this thread?

    I really hope you can help me.

    Many thanks

  • Could maybe help with a bit more information. What do you mean by Windows based system? you can use the node.webkit to make construct 2 applications run on Windows.

    You can also make the game run on android devices. They can then report the achivements.

    There is a lot of post/tutorials about highscorelists/achivements. Maybe look at

  • cvp: yes, if windows based or not is not so important. Thats just the kind of setup, that I have in mind. More important is the connection between the different devices.

    An example for a game that uses this setup is a simple card game. You play a card from your android device and it appears instantly on the big screen for everyone else visible.

    Your suggestion seems to be a slow variant (without testing, just how I think it works), but also possible for other variants I have in mind.

    So my new question: Is your suggestion fast enough or is there an other option?

  • OK. Didnt know you wanted realtime multiplayer.

    Have a look at the Multiplayer/Networking section of the FAQ page. You should be able to find some inspiration there.

  • cvp: *knock my head on the table*

    "realtime multiplayer" - I didn't see this. Thank you very much.

    "mumble to myself: stupid question... grmpf"

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