Windows 8 Certification Kit Failed

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  • Hi!

    I have been trying to release a game for Windows 8 for the first time... without success so far. I read all the tutorials around that and I'm still finding that I'm missing something.

    I followed the instructions by Ashley, I created the app for Windows 8 and I was able to test it in my pc (Win 8.1 Pro) and it worked.

    I followed the steps by keatingb and whenever I'm running the Windows App Certification Kit 3.1, the Overall result is FAILED.

    I changed all the graphics and logos required, completed the information, etc.

    I ran the test with all the options selected and get multiple issues like:

    App manifest compliance test


    App manifest

    Error Found: The app manifest test detected the following errors:

    Impact if not fixed: Apps that violate the Windows Store certification requirements can�t be submitted to the Windows Store.

    How to fix: App manifest must include valid entries for all required fields, please modify the manifest entries listed above. See link below for more information:

    Certification requirements

    All the errors are located here:

    Certification failed

    What I'm doing wrong?

    PS. I tested with minify and non minify script option selected.


  • Did you check your package name, version, etc on the app manifest?

    Open the project with visual studio express and change these values on the manifest.

  • makotto thank you!!! I did that, but your solution provided me with an idea and I solved the issue!!!

    Just for everybody else to know, in case you face the same issue, you need to associate your game with the developer, through right click on the project under the solution window and selecting Store -> Associate app with the Store and later you also need to delete the name_temporarykey.pfx NO the Storekey.pfx


  • Also, a good tip is to make a "startup layout" that's very light on resources. Applications that don't "start" in a few seconds fail the test too.

  • That is true. Also not having a Privacy Policy if you are using some capabilities will fail your app. The How to Get Accepted in the Windows 8 Marketplace! is a great tutorial about this issues.

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  • Glad that I could help by pulling a homer :)

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