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  • Hi guys,

    I just started to use construct2 to develop a simple game. Really love it how it makes things easy.

    But I have a problem implementing a Global Highscore system for a eg Windows 8/Android app.

    1st question am I right: When I export it as HTML5 game, upload it to my server and do the php files on the same Server, reachable over same domain, my POST/GET AJAX calls will work and the highscore System should work?

    2nd: How do I implement this for a windows 8 app. If I execute my app,open it on my windows 8 machine and make the AJAX request I get the following output:

    APPHOST9623: "ms-appx://155934a2-3408-4833-9ce9-50ab05552266/"http://DOMAIN(YEAH JUST REPLACED IT)/apps/temp/"index.php?name=HI&score=0" konnte von der App aufgrund des folgenden Fehlers nicht aufgel?st werden: RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND.

    "Ressource Not found" (sorry downloaded German version of vs2013"

    As I can see he tries to open a local File, but I do not want the local File ;)

    Really tried to find a solution but I really do not get it.

    Anybody could provide me a example how to get it work, Where can I digg in the .js code to get remote access?

    Thanks for reading!

    Greets Andi

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