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  • Hello everyone,

    This question is regarding the windows with the dotted line within the layout, which is accessed through the Project Properties of the layout. I am wondering if we can:

    1: Create multiple windows within the Layout itself? (as a reference)

    2: Adjust the location of the window within the Layout, instead of having it at the top left corner?

    Thanks you. Would really appreciate any advice you can share with me on this matter.

  • 1. Why would you create more windows ?

    • The window just set your/players viewpoint size

    2. Why you want that ?

    • If you want it just set on game start the viewpoint to somewhere else (Scroll to(x,y))
  • Hi

    Sorry, I guess I didn't explain what I wanted to do. The reason for this is because I want to make my game mobile friendly, which means it has to support multiple aspect ratios. After reading the supporting multiple screen manual, I've come to the conclusion to use Scale Outer Mode. This is the reason for my questions.

    1: I want to create 2 windows to act as a template. For example, the main window will have a 4:3 aspect ratio, so all my important objects will be in there. The second window will have a 16:9 aspect ratio. With the second window I can organize to ensure that the player sees only what I want them to see.

    2: Again only for reference purpose. I am worried that if it is at the edge, it might not display the objects outside the initial layout properly, since top and right left side will be outside the layout. Also, if I want to place two windows there, I will need to be able to move the initial window to place it properly in the second window.

    Hopefully what I say makes sense.

  • rekjl

    Yeah that makes more sense.

    This would be a great function, actually we have 2 different versions of our project for this 2 aspect ratios.

  • Darklinki

    Haha, ya. It beats having to create multiple versions of our games to support the different aspect ratios out there. Another advantage if C2 is able to do this, we should in theory have a game that supports all the aspect ratios from the first outline, to the second outline. So if we created the first layout to have 4:3 and the second to 2:1, we should have a game that supports all the different aspect ratios in between....although not sure if we will ever use 2:1 <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    It would really be great if C2 could do this. I do hope someone will help confirm whether C2 has the capabilities to do that now.

  • i don't think it has, you could create a "screenarea 4:3" "screenarea2:1 object and put them on different layers to check

    you could probably also calculate wich aspect ratio is been used, and depending on that set some placement rules of different objects/ui

    in webdev they call it responsive design, whooo :)

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  • vtrix

    Hahaha! Hmmm....maybe instead of using layers, I could create 2 objects with frames and transparent centers to act as my window layout. Would be more effective since I can see them both at the same would be much easier if I could center the original window in the layout, so I can place the frames around it. If I can't move the window, I will need to move the camera. Problem is I already have a camera am I going to set the camera to follow two dummies.....

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