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  • I guys...

    ive read the supporting different display sizes tutorial and have a few questions about screen sizes and how that relates to window size and also scaling layers

    if I wanted to make a game only for latest ipad for example, id set the window size to 2048x1536 right? what I want to do is only show about half of the layout in the window. so the layout would be about 2x the size of the ipad screan size...

    but I also want to zoom out and zoom in by changing the layer scale. when zoomed in, I want the graphics to use the full 264 dpi resolution of the retina display....don't want to zoom in and loose resolution...

    so I need to design all the graphics to the zoomed in display size correct? so how do I set that up when 1. creating the original graphic, and then 2, putting that graphic into a sprite in the layout so that when the layer is scaled x 2, it still retains full res on the screen.

    for example...I want my graphics in the layout to hold 2 times the resolution that would be needed for the size of the sprint in the layout...becacuse when I scale the later to 2x, I would want the graphics to not get pixelated....

    is this the best way to do that? does this even make sense?



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