No window frame in node-webkit? (r190)

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  • Hey there,

    Did anyone else notice that the window frame (bar with the minimize, maximize and 'x' buttons) is lacking from node-webkit games made with Construct 2 r190 ? I tried changing the "frame" option in the node-webkit exporter files, but it didn't change anything.

    Anyone knows how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I'm on r190, and I'm getting window controls here. I've never seen this before, I'm afraid.

  • I assume that you checked the Window Frame option on Node export. So, here are a few steps which will reveal if it's a bug in C2:

    Open the package.nw using 7zip and extract the package.json. Open package.json using a text editor and you should see some settings:

    "window": {
    		"icon": "logo.png",
    		"toolbar": false,
    		"width": 1280,
    		"height": 720,
    		"position": "center",
    		"resizable": true,
    		"frame": true,
    		"kiosk": false,
    		"show": false
    If "frame":true is false and you selected Window Frame during the export then it's a problem with C2 (please submit your example as a bug report - I recall someone else reporting this problem perhaps a month ago...).  If your exported package.json looks like the above code then I'm afraid that I've just reached the limit of my understanding!
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  • Yes, the window frame box was checked when I exported. I just looked at the exported package.json file, and "frame" is set to true (just like it was in C2's node-webkit exporter package.json and package-preview.json files).

    I could post a bug report, but I'm afraid Ashley will say that he can't reproduce it, and that it won't get resolved.

  • Kan It's worth a shot! I haven't exported anything yet, but I've got no window frame in preview since r190.

  • spacedoubt Yes same here. It started with no window frame in preview, so I tried exporting and I have the same issue. I'll post a bug report and then if you like you can post a short comment to it just to say that I'm not the only one dealing with this issue.

  • Kan will do!

  • There, if anyone wants to add something or just say they have the same problem :

  • Kan, spacedoubt,

    If the package.json is correct then this probably has nothing to do with c2. Which version of nw are you using? r190 installer uses 0.11.1 - but you can easily revert to 0.10.5 (much better IMO) by following this guide


    Try the old version and see if your problems are fixed. If they are, then it's definitely a bug with the new version of nw - they can only fix it if you report it to them. Does this happen with both x86 and x64 exports? Are you making any requests to the browser object / nw object?

    As far as I understand nw wrapper - if c2 sets the boolean correctly then this is probably not a c2 bug....

  • Reverting to nw 0.10.5 following TiAm's tutorial did the trick. You say I should report the bug with the new version directly to the Node Webkit devs, but will they understand when I'll say I have an issue with Node-webkit-for-Construct-2 ? (who makes the for-Construct-2 versions anyway?)

  • That's great that it fixed it - you'll probably see your game run smoother as well. I think if you can provide them with a simple non-minified c2 export (even just a blank project that runs with no frame but with the frame boolean set true) then it'll show them the problem so they can identify the cause and fix it. In fact, just thinking as I type, if a simple blank project export does cause the problem - are you able to try it on a different computer / could you zip up an example and link to it here (I'll give it a try and see if it happens on my machine as well -it might be some hardware incompatibility between nw and your hardware).

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