How do I make wind and ice work correctly

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  • I have been having two issues while working on my 2d platformer project.

    The first being wind:

    Applying velocity via setting the dx var or the set velocity x action appears to not influence the player at all yet if i apply it via the dy or set velocity y it does.

    The second being ice physics:

    I currently have the platform setup with deceleration but, there is no momentum on turning how could I do this best without using the physics behavior as I need to support slopes as well.

    If there is more info needed or I am unclear, just say and I will clarify on request.

  • For wind you can use custom movement. Or just change x position of player.

    For ice you can change player platform values: decrase acceleration and decceleration.

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  • Hey, thanks fixed the wind but I've got a related problem, after adjusting the deceleration and acceleration I still have the issue, that the player can control them self too much when turning and the velocity don't push against the player when they turn.

    (kinda hard to explain, thinking I might need to lerp the speed or something.)

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