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  • Hi everybody,

    My question is how can i do to implement wind-like-force? i'm making a tank game and in some level i want to implement a wind force so the player have to adjust is aiming taking into account the wind. The wind then will have to be a force that works both ways, accelerating or braking the bullet speed and, if it can be done, changing it's angle.

    For this i have though of an invisible horizontal force that is present troughout the visible area, but it seems that i'm failing in that, if anyone have made something similar and feel like helping, it will be good to have some ideas...


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  • Assuming you're using the physics behavior then applying a force to the bullet every tick should do it.

  • i prove it right away and it worked just fine! thanks! i was looking for a way to implement one force for the entire layout but your approach is the simplest, i will have to watch not to have too many bullets so does not slow down. Thanks again, see ya!

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