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  • Hi, I'm converting my game to win8 for the competition, wanted to add Live Tiles and Share functionality but neither of them seems to work.

    I use the Set live tile function, no error but the icons stays the same.. sam goes for Share, share text nothing happens, no text no nothing.

    The documentation for these things is a little lacking, it simply tells the function, not what they are supposed to do or if there is a special requirement, can someone give me some advice here?


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  • No one?

  • If anyone is struggling with the incomplete manual about these features.

    1) Share. The actions do nothing, they simply set the text/images for when the share event fires. The logic is:

    On share -> Set what you need.

    2) Live Tiles. Live tiles do not work on the simulator, if you want to see live tiles you have to test on the local machine. Also you should always set both the square and the wide tiles if you are not restricting the icon to a single type.

    Hope this is useful for somebody struggling with this stuff.

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