How do you make a Wii U Pro Controller work whit Construct2

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  • I have a Wii U Pro Controller attached to the computer. If i make a Gamepad on button pressed event and preview the game, nothing happens when i press the button that is supposed to do something. So the controller is either not connected or i am doing something wrong whit the event. On the Gamepad Section, what number are you supposed to put in after 0? How do you make a on button pressed event successfully whit a Wii U Pro Controller.

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  • I don,t ask just about a Wii U Pro Controller, i ask about all gamepads. Does anything know how you connect a gamepad to your computer. I have it attached to my computer and it still isn,t connected. If the gamepad is connected, when you make a on button pressed event what number should you write in the Gamepad section. Is there anything else you need to do to make the gamepad work whit Construct 2 even when it is connected?

  • I want a answer.

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