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  • ok this is probably a stupid question but im not really understanding the wifi preview instructions.

    heres my setup. 1 computer on cable router which is transmitting wifi round the house. the computer is plugged in directly to router and would like to wifi preview to my android phone which is on wifi.

    my phone has IP, i set up the firewall to open the ports, specify the telephone IP address in construct preferences, and try preview

    unable to start HTTP on port 50000. you may need to restart construct etc.

    so my question is i basically doing this correctly or should my PC be running on WIFI too? or am i totally misunderstanding the process

  • Did you try to run Construct 2 as Administrator if not it will not work

    How to preview on a local network

    read this by Master Ashley ... ork/page-2

  • yeah running as admin, and i followed that tutorial as I was going

  • I am sorry I would advice you check your setting again plz I have made same mistake in setting new view port. I missed and checked place on public so plz check again or re-do it in window

  • Do you have a license? Steam? Because this isn't available in the free version.

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  • I hate steam and furthermore I don't need steam to use C2

  • I hate steam and furthermore I don't need steam to use C2

    I agree with you. Hate steam. Was asking the OP as he won't be able to use wifi if he has free edition. And since he doesn't have a coin like me (this account has a steam license attached) my other account(s) have licenses purchased via scirra. I assume he either using free, or he has steam account.

  • DUTOIT I have license since Feb 2013 for Construct 2. I can see looks like your is free version DUTOIT. Those people who has license will have gold medal attached to it

  • I use C2 steam and don't have the issues people complain about... preview over wifi works wonderfully with C2 steam as well

  • Lordshiva1948, I know you have license. I was asking the Original Poster whether he is using free version because he doesn't have the gold medal attached. Or if he has steam license like I do on this account.

    [I have multiple accounts. This one is steam version, other accounts are scirra versions]

    Steam License owners don't have gold medal attached. Only users who purchased at scirra, or asked Tom to add gold medal once they purchased via steam.

    Reason is because the free version (no license) cannot preview over wifi. That feature is removed.

  • ahh thats the problem then cause it think my process is right,

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