How do I get the Z width of a specific xy Array position?

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  • Hello,

    i have a 3 dimensional array like this:

    		["Brüche zu Dezimalbrüchen 1","Mathe","Dezimalbrüche"],
    		["Geometrische Flächen","Mathe","Geometrie"]
    How can i get the "depth" of i.e. "Geometrische Flächen"
    how can i get the "height" of i.e. "Students" ?
    Is there a possibility to do sth. like this: myArray.At(0).lengthor myArray.At(1,1).length.
    Thank you
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  • The z depth of any given x/y will always be the same as the total depth of the array, even if there is no data in the cells. An empty cell will contain 0 though, so you can make a function loop to check how many cells in that particular row/column are not equal to zero and return the result.

  • May i suggest the 3D Dictionary plugin by Kevin Khantzis ? It is heaven to work with.


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