Why does performance collapse on a kindle fire hd7?

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  • Hey there everybody,

    I'm completely new to Construct 2 and this is my very first post on this forum. I hope this is the right sub forum for this kind of question (it's also the only one i found).

    I tried to absorb as much information as possible about the Editor before starting my first project. Because I want to develop mainly for mobile devices I've set up a testing project and tried to get a very simple layout running on my devices. It was basically just a ground and a rectangle which the player controls through two touch areas.

    iOS worked like a charm but on my kindle fire hd7 I'm getting terrible results. The game runs at 60fps but once the player starts moving they drop to 27-30 (installing the .apk on the device or using the amazon web app tester provided exactly the same results). Then I filled the scene with A LOT of rectangles (I think hundreds) - it ran at perfect 60fps until the player started moving which dropped them to 27-30. Finally I left the whole layout empty but one sphere sprite with a sine behavior moving up and down - once again the fps dropped to 27-30. The framerate always dropping to exactly 27-30 when an object starts to move seems strange to me.

    I tried to find a solution with the forum search function or google but all I was able to dig out was one thread from 3 years ago and the tutorial on how to export for the Amazon App Store by Ashley. So I hope you guys can help me out, am i missing something important like a setting somewhere in Construct 2 or what's going on?

    I'll attach the layout with the single moving sphere because that's the most simple one.


    Edit: One thing i found out is that setting 'Use high-DPI display' to 'No' increases the fps for the moving sphere to 35-40, but no other setting in the project properties increases them further.

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  • You should call Ashley

  • If nothing is moving at all, the runtime actually skips drawing the screen. So 60 FPS standing still is probably because it's doing no work at all, and it only really starts rendering work as you move. So in this case the 60 FPS measurement is a red herring and the real framerate is 30 FPS as you move.

  • szymek Oh, I didn't know that you could call people that way. Thank you!

    Ashley Good to know, thank you for taking the time to answer!

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