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  • Hi,

    Why when I press the home sprite at display result layer, it will "bug" out my next layout?

    It just freezes my layout, I could not find out where the problem is coming from.

    Can anyone take a look at my project file:

    1) dropbox.com/s/deq1brx5ht8xs

    2) ke/ECG_Game.capx?dl=0

    Pls add the 2nd part to the 1st link for the full link. I dunno why it cut short my link

  • To get Display Result layer to show, you need to have a score of 12, I set the default score to 11 for testing purpose.

    The question is shown by clicking on the rocket and click "Most like me...." sprite to answer.

    I have also set my fighterplane to be at the position (1000,268) for testing purpose

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  • It works for me. Goes to main menu layout, not freezes.

    However, I suggest you make these changes:

    1. Replace "Is touching Home" with "On tap gesture on Home".

    "Is touching" is a continuous condition, it triggers ~60 times per second, which is not good for buttons.

    2. Since you are resetting global variables, no need to set individual variables to 0, you can remove all such actions (set OrangeMark=0 etc.)

    3. No need for "Restart layout", since you are changing layout.

    So basically your event should look like this:

    On tap Home

    Home is visible

    ...............Reset global variables

    ...............Go to MainMenu

  • Thank you very much

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