why my game run slow in android ?

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  • hi guys

    i build a little game for android but it running slow in android cellphone (g3 ) . in the future i want to make a big game but can i run good in android ? i dont know why my game running slow but i think Somewhere I was wrong :


    my game have 24 levels and i create 90 - 100 action for each level and also create 6 variable for each level ! i use afew object in my levels but i use a ball with 16 collision point ! (my game have 150 variable and 2600 action )

    over 50% of action have been repeated . in your opinion my ways is wrong ? can i make a event for all levels ? for example create a event with 500 - 600 events (in my future games )

    it is some picture of my game


  • Are you publishing with Crosswalk? It's the best performing way to publish to Android at the moment.

  • yes i publish it with crosswalk . if i use over 5 textbox or list box or button in my project and publish with crosswalk my project running very very slow in android

    but i want to know my ways is wrong ? (in top post )

  • How many layouts do you have?

    I think maybe you are running all the event sheets at once.

    I suggest creating a layout for each level event sheet. On the selected layout, go to its properties on the left side, set to your desired event sheet.

    More layouts won't really increase the memory size, because you already have the object image in the game.

    If you create all events onto one event sheet, it will definitely slow the game down.

    Hope that helps,


  • Have you tried it on another phone? The G3 have a UHD resolution so the game need to be scaled up alot. I have this problem on the G3 as well. Make sure that scaling quality is set to Low. My game boosted up from 20fps to around 45fps when did this but on other phones its running at 60fps.

  • yes ! running well in galaxy s4 . i used high quality for my game


  • probably wont fix your performance issues, but regardless, should make the ball roll smoother, change the collision from polygon to circle for your ball...

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  • maybe ! but the Important issues is scale quality because when i running in other device run very well


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