Why is my game inconcistent?

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  • Hello there!

    My game works normally in general. I have an option that when you collect all the items in a level, it unlocks the door to the next stage. (visible and collisions on)

    The problem is that sometimes, when I enter a level and collect everything, the door doesn't appear for some reason. Even if character dies and recollect them, it still doesn't appear. But when I press the Backspace (restart layout button), after I collect them it works normally. This happens randomly in some levels.

    I also added a command that in start of layout-trigger once-restart layout, and it fixed it bit but still happens sometimes. It is so weird.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you for reading!

  • Impossible to answer this question without seeing your project file.

    Try running the game in Debug Mode (Ctrl-F4), check global variables and other stuff and how they change when you collect items. You may figure it out yourself why sometimes the door doesn't unlock.

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  • I will try that, thank you!

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