Why exported proyects do this?

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  • I hope this is the right place to post this.

    Hello, I noticed that all my exported NWjs tests not only create 4 instances in the task manager but 3 of them always eat up my RAM constantly until I close the game/test. It doesnt matter if I stop doing things and just leave the game open...It keeps eating RAM (except for 1 of the 4, that one only grows everytime you do something like adding value to a variable).

    So my question: Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong with my proyects? Some bad configuration perhaps?

    Again, this is not for online/browser games, this is for NWjs...deskopt games...just in case.

    Thanks in advance and sorry if my english sounds weird, its not my native language.

  • I believe it is normal. Is the ram usage large?

    NWjs is basically a standalone version of Chrome - if you use Chrome, you might notice that there are TONS of instances of chrome in Windows task manager.

    I would worry if they are still there when you close the game.

  • I thought about the similitude with Chrome too, I guess having 4 instances is not that bad but...something as simple as this proyect eats around 160mb total....and It eats more and more ram no matter what while its playing

    edit: I wanted to attach the file here, do I need to upload it to mediafire or something?

    Anyway its an almost blank proyect with just "Click this sprite = add 1 to variable" and a textlabel showing the variable

  • If the RAM usage keeps going up even when doing nothing, that is something to look into. I've used NWjs only for a simple file parsing program - that had 3 instances and maybe about 70mb ram. The ram usage definitely did not keep increasing.

    Use the debugger to see if anything is constantly changing, or if you don't mind posting the capx someone could check.

  • The only thing that keeps moving is the "Tick count". If I remove the only "Every tick" condition and I go to the task manager...only 1 of the 4 instances is constantly eating RAM.

    Yes I have no problem posting the capx, but I dont know If I have to upload it somewhere and post the link or is there other way?

  • most people use dropbox to share there .capx files

  • Thanks Carbincopy!

    I leave the capx here:

  • Tried running the capx - the memory use stays pretty constant and is not constantly increasing as far as I can tell.

    If you mean "eating up" as in using a certain amount that stays steady, don't worry about that, it should be normal.

  • Oh no no, the problem is with the exported proyectS, not so much when Im testing them. But as I said, apparently is related to the "every tick" condition. In 1 hour of idle the total ram being used goes from 160 to 230. Its not that much... but having in mind how simple it is: its kinda frustating xD

    Is there a way to sustitute the "every tick"? The only method I found was "Every X seconds" where X would be 0.1 or 0.01 or dt

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  • "every tick" isn't the issue, even with nothing in the project the mem usage goes up slightly in NW.js. When run in the browser the profiling tools say the mem usage is basically constant, so it's probably an issue with NW.js. Do you have the latest?

  • mmm, what do you mean with "the latest"?

    Also, exporting it in "kiosk mode" seems to almost fix it.

  • The latest version of nw.js:


  • Certainly I dont have the latest, I think I have "v0.12.0 (Chromium 41)". It doesnt appear in the About of Construct.

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