Why is my enemy not wrapping?

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  • Title says it all. EnemyCrescent has the Wrap behavior but is clearly not wrapping. Easiest way to test this is to collide with the enemy and watch it go off the screen.

    Also, if anyone has any ways on optimizing my physics for a more realistic collision, tips are appreciated :)

    Go to post #4 for the latest update.

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  • Okay, the enemy not wrapping has to do with the fact that it is not accelerating due to it's speed being dropped to zero on impact (only way I could get the impulse to work).

    I'm not sure how to simulate realistic colliding physics while also causing the enemy to accelerate to counteract the collision impulse and eventually start chasing the player again.

  • I've cleaned up the project a bit and removed aspects I felt were unnecessary.

    I changed Bullet behavior with Pathfinding behavior, although I'm not sure the settings I've used are optimal (I'm finding a new path and regenerating the obstacle map every 0.5 seconds).

    Collisions aren't working and I don't know why. My goal is to have the player and enemies collide and then bounce off each other.

  • Updated file. The 500 reputation limit is kind of annoying right now; should probably be 250.

    Collision and Wrapping Not Working

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