why i don't get news?

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  • is it me only or everyone has this? at the beginning in c88-93 i was receiving emails for each new release but when i didn't see c94 i said maybe its from my email or something like that.. even in c95 and now in 96 o.o if we all didn't receive emails what should i do to get news from scirra forum??

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  • zsangerous

    Not just you! I also failed to get new release emails for r94 and r95 - and r93. So I was quite surprised to see a reference in the Forum to r95.

    I checked my profile to see if anything had changed in my subscriptions and email address - but both were just as I'd set them up.

    However, I then got a new release email for r96. Let's hope it was only a temporary hitch.

  • I think what happens is that Ashley and Tom forget to send them out.

  • can't we subscribe with forum like in (the ugly) google forum XD in google forum we have 3 ways to subscribe with the forum :

    1) subscribe everything posted in the forum , topics,posts,games (if scirra made this) and blogs, tutorails ....

    2) subscribe for the posts,topics we made like the scirra using it now but they don't send emails for that just notification in the forum...

    3)title of topics only

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