Why doesn't this sprites animations work?

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  • For some reason one sprites animations don't work. I have not done anything to prevent it from working. The sprite has over 130 animations so that could have been the problem. But i copy pasted the sprite into a new project and there it worked so that is not the issue. The problem is only in the actual project itself so i can't make a seperate project to showcase the problem. My project takes up alot of memory and is massive but i still hope that someone can find the problem. The problem sprite is Sprite43s Default animation. The used Event Sheet is event sheet 4. If you know a possible reason for the animation not working whitout looking into the project you can also reply just based on that.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/9kg3hs6hn5cy2 ... .capx?dl=0

  • 1GB download - I think my computer just would quit working if I would try the game.

  • I downloaded the huge 1GB download out of curiosity, hoping I could help. Calfuso - I can see that you have put many, many, many hours of effort into this - it's insane - the project is enormous. How long have you been working on it? Unfortunately it has some very big problems at a fundamental level, that will be extremely difficult to fix. I couldn't really make sense of anything in your event sheets as few of your assets have names and there are over 1000 of them, there appears to be many conflicting and redundant actions (one of these is probably causing your animation problems). One huge issue is that the game is not optimized in any way so it has huge filesize and even larger memory footprint - you basically need a supercomputer to run this well. I would very strongly suggest learning about optimization and starting again. What you want to achieve can be done in far less complicated ways, with far less events, far less assets, far less memory etc - if you continue doing it this way you will have a game that no one can play. I've had to scrap a few projects, it hurts, but as long as you can learn something from it - it's worth it.

    Here are some links that I found very useful in helping to understand optimization:




    Sorry I couldn't fix your particular problem, but I really think learning more about optimization and starting again, while difficult now will make your life easier in the future and will make a better game too.

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  • There are like 50 conditions 'sprite43 is animation "default" playing.

    There are like 4 timers that set the animation to default

    There 100 places where the animation gets set

    There are conditions that refer to animations that are not present in that character

    I have no idea how to start with this.

  • hey man why don`t you take the a moving picture.. Maybe that`s gonna help

    Opps sorry for not understanding your animation.. Sometimes it`s happen to me too . Even i just have 2 group of animation = Default = Kick(5 Frames)

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