Why doesn't my layout work if it isn't the first one?

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  • I have a layout, with its event sheet, with a bunch of functions. It works just fine, but when i don't run it as the first layout somehow I get a lot of different bugs regarding the functions... Is there something i need to know about switching to different layouts?

    Thanks guys!

  • You need to paste the event sheet in the other layouts if you want the functions work there.

    Example: function for player death.

    And you have 4 layouts : layout 1 for main menu.

    Layouts 2 - 3 - 4 for level 1 - 2 - 3.

    The function must be in the layouts 2-3-4.

    You can group the layouts in one event sheet.


    Right click on the event sheet and select : Include event sheet.

  • Thanks a lot! So I have the first layout which is the main menu, and I have another layout which is the first level with its event sheet and all its functions; even the manu layout has its ownevent sheet. Where do I have to paste the level event sheet?

    Does it only have to be in the second layout? Because I have it there but it doesn't work...

  • Can you upload sample capx, because i don't know what events not working in your game.

  • Np!

    This is the login event sheet attached to the login layout, which is the first one.

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  • And this is the battlefield event sheet which is attached to the battlefield layout, and should be the second.

  • Try to included all event sheets in other event sheets and update if the problem still.

  • I've done it but it still doesn't work... it's so strange because the layout works just fine when I run it as the first one, but when I go to it from another layout the functions don't run at all!

    I'm trying to figure out what's happening...

    Thanks a ton man for the help and for your time...

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