Why while debuging i get only 20 fps and 60% cpu Util

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  • Hi when i play my game in browser i got 60 fps, While debuging i got 15-20 fps and 60% cpu utilisation. This debuging missleads me to think that the game is very badly optimised and forced me to search hours what to turn off or on. So it work on mobile. Is this normal? Should i take the debug Fps into account or just leave it as is.

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  • and why it showes me i have 2000 and more collision checks , when i have function which disables collision of every object that is not on screen.

    Also disabling solid behaviour doesnt work for me.

  • ex32 For the first issue, yes, the debugger sucks for checking performance. I recommend you only use it for checking specific stats, like collision checks for example. If you want a more in-depth debugger, that doesn't slow your game down, then try the one that comes with Internet Explorer. Just press F12 and go to the debugger tab.

    As for the "2000 collision checks" you'll need to upload a .capx before we can really say what is going on. That's seems excessively high.

  • thank you, anyways bookmarked your tutorials, i wish you could do more ,

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