Why does my character fall through solid objects?

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  • Hello all, I have a problem and a question. Why does my main character fall through solid objects (and act all screwy) when I add animation to its default animation? When I remove the animation from the character's default animation, it works fine, I don't get it! Can someone please help me out?

    P.S. "shoot" is the name of the character's default animation. Also, the ground that the character walks on and the character itself both have a solid behavior, so again, I really don't understand why the character starts to fall through the ground when I add animation to it:(

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54192518/animationExample.PNG" border="0" />



  • Your animation frames probably have different collision polygons and/or origin points which can cause problems with the platform behavior.


    Implementing reliable platform movements

    For the most reliable platform movement, it is recommended to use a invisible rectangle sprite with no animations with the Platform movement. Then, the animated player object can be positioned on top of that. Otherwise, the changing size and collision polygon of the object as its animation plays can interfere with the Platform movement's floor, wall and slope detection, causing a shaking or glitchy movement. For more information and a complete guide, see the tutorial How to make a Platform game.

  • Yea, I checked that. My origin points are the same. I'm still puzzled:(

  • What about collision polygons? Are the frames the same size?

  • Yea, they're the same size. I think I need to pin the character to that invisible rectangle you were talking about.

  • maybe the collisions or solids are turned off on your tiles/character.

    are turned off in your code, or maybe they have been set to OFF by default?

  • The character don't need a solid behavior. Maybe this is causing him to "collide with himself" and be considered inside a solid all times

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  • Hey 7Soul, I turned the solid behavior of my character off to see if it was causing him to "collide with himself" (as you said), and it still does the same thing, I don't get it.

    Can somebody please show me what to do with a little capx example?



  • guannstar

    It makes much better sense for you to post your .capx, then everyone will be able to help you much easier and quicker.

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