Why can't i open my project?

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  • When i try to open my project it says Error opening file

    Error document empty Event Sheets Event Sheet 3

    The file may be invalid. Try checking the file in a text editor. Projects are saved in a XML format.

    And then it doesn't open my project. I did go into the Event Sheets folder and look into the event Sheet 3 and it was indeed empty. But hat can i do about it? I didn't make any events at all in events sheet 3 so it should be empty and i just don't get how something so useless stops my projects for being opened. I really hope that this doesn't make my project unable to open for all future. I would have to redo alot. Should have made a backup file.

  • Can you open an older version of the capx? Mine automatically keeps 2 backups of my two previous save states. I think that's a default Construct2 option.

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  • I need help whit this! I don't want my project to be gone!

  • If you haven't setup autosave and auto backups, why not? They are there to help in situations such as this.

    You should always have a backup regime setup - using both the inbuilt system, and also one of your own making, such as backup before every major change and make a copy off site.

    It always amazes me when people complain they have lost their work when, if it is so important, they should be delibereately saving and backing up as much as possible.

    I sincerely hope you have a backup or autosave. If so, they are in the same directory as your project - just rename to 'whatever.capx'.

    If not, then this is a harsh lesson indeed, unfortunately.

  • https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/269/ke ... up-options

    By default, Construct 2 saves 1 autobackup file. Open the folder where you saved your project and try to open the backup. Does that work?

  • I have it set to one backup file in preferences. new projects name is New Project and are saved in the folder lib. But i can't find the backup in lib just the unopenable main file. I had it set to make a backup file. It should exist somewhere. Just where?

  • Are saving it as a capx or as separate files/folders?

  • The backup file exists in the same place as your main file. Usually it is named: mainFileName.capx.backup1 or mainFileName.capx.autosave

    Just rename mainFileName.capx.backup1 to mainFileName.capx (remove the .backup1) and it should open normally, assuming you didn't corrupt that one too.

    If all else fails, you get to use a program like 7-zip to unzip your .capx file, go through all of the xml files and find out what you screwed up and fix it.

  • i think you use a tool to delete temporary files located in %temp% folder, or you delete them manually, the same problem was happen to me when i delete all files located in that folder. the solution giving by gumshoe2029 work for me.

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