Why can't i see admob+mobup and charboost ads on my project?

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  • Hi. I'm having a little trouble trying to setup ads.


    1.I've created a banner and a fullscreen ad on admob.

    2.Integrated Admob network to mobup.

    3.Created a banner and a fullscreen ad unit on mobup.

    4.Copied ad unit codes from admob (ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxx) and pasted to mopub's ''set up yout inventory'' section.

    5.Added cocoonads and cocooncanvas+ atomic plugins to my project on construct 2.

    6.Copied ad unit ID's on mobup than pasted them to cocoonads plugins on construct 2

    7.set up my events on construct 2. (

    8.Compiled to apk but i can't see my ads. (my plugins settings below)



    1.Added my app on chartboost (entered my app's package name true)

    2.Created a interstitial ad publishing Campaign on charboost

    3.Copied App ID and App Signature on chartboost

    4.Added cranberrygame's chartboost plugin to my project on construct 2.

    5.Pasted the App ID and App Signature (which i copied on chartboost before) to chartboost plugin settings on construct 2.

    6.Set up my events on construct 2.(On touched a button the interstitial ad will show) but i can't see ads.

    Here's my event settings

    Please help me

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  • Yeah if someone could help with this that would be great when it comes to Chartboost.

    When it comes to AdMob I would intergrate it with MoPub, and after you do that put that ca-app-pub in the cocoonad for both the banner and full space. It should work after that, if it makes sense

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