Why can't I see my sprites in layout view

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  • Hi,

    In layout view I can't see any sprites (just empty blue boxes). I'm using Construct 2 Release 114 on a Windows 8 machine. See attached image (as you see if I open the image in the editor I can see it. Also, I can see all the sprites when I run the game) . Driving me nuts - any ideas?



    PS This is a brand new installation of Construct 2.

    <img src="http://encorebiz.com/scirra/2013-01-13_234025.png" border="0" />

  • Click on the layout. Access Project Properties - >Configuration settings. WHat is your current "Clear background" setting?

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  • It's set to 'No' at the moment.

    Also, changing it doesn't appear to make any difference.

  • Try to Make all your layers transparent and try to check your objects opacity ...

  • Update your graphic card drivers.

    Most of the time it resolves this kind of issue.

  • Try to Make all your layers transparent and try to check your objects opacity ...

    Hi thanks for the answer - objects have their opacity set to 100% on all layers. This issue presents itself even with the example projects.

  • Update your graphic card drivers.

    Most of the time it resolves this kind of issue.

    Thanks for the reply. That's what I was afraid the answer was going to be. I have a HP6910p laptop which comes with an ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 integrated card (and I've already got the latest drives, well as much as I can tell as the ATI upgrade utility can't detect my OS properly as it is Windows 8!!), so I think the only way out of this would be to upgrade the laptop <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle"> - it's a bit weird that it all works except for the layout view.

  • Hi Kyatric,

    You spurred me on to have another look into what drivers I was using. I went to the HP site and noticed that they have Windows 7 AMD drivers (AMD = ATI - AMD bought the company). I was using a 2008 version which I've now upgraded to the 2009 version - 8.593.100.0 (21/05/2009) (version on HP site at this time is: 8.593.100.5090521A084776C (20 Nov 2009)), and lo and behold the sprites are now visible in the layout designer view - WOHOOOO!! Thanks for saving me ���� as I wasn't quite ready to go out and buy a new laptop.

    For anyone with similar issues this is a link to the HP site for the HP6910p video driver. Note that I have Windows 8 Pro 64-bit installed on this machine.

    HP 6910p Video Driver site link

    Here's a link to the main page for the 6910p HP support page which contains plenty of updates.

    HP 6910p Support Page

    BTW, after updating the driver and restarting Construct 2, I noticed that two of my sprites didn't display until I resized them in the animation editor. They were larger in size and were being scaled in the layout view. If they needed to be scaled down they were invisible, however, once I resized them in the animation editor they displayed perfectly in the layout view. The same problem exists for some of the demo project sprites, but at least I can work around it now.

    Thanks again.


  • Actually, with regards the sprites disappearing until they are resized, the same can be achieved by adjusting the zoom level. Objects disappear as you zoom out further and then reappear as you zoom back in.

  • I wanted to post that I'm also having this issue now, and it's really frustrating. Once you zoom out or scroll up, stuff disappears.

  • Fishing up old thread.

    I have same problem. Partial disappearance of sprites in layout view.

    I have Nvidia Geforce driver 378.66 and C2 beta 242. But i have had this problem on/off for a while now.

    Sadly the zoom trick won't work for me.

    When I load project I see the sprites for maybe half a second then they disappear from view. But they work when ingame. Not in layout view. Annoying as I need to edit them now in layout.

    Yes I have looked at z-orders, visibility etc.


    Funny, when I went on clicking on the sprites where it "should" be C2 crashed!

  • Just something I have ran into. Don't suggest you use the windows built in zoom on layout and use the C2 layout zoom instead. I have had problems with sprites disappearing or being resized using mouse zoom when I reloaded the capx.

    Windows zoom tries to reset the layout to whatever zoom you left it at and C2 is trying to put it back in focus causing a conflict I think?

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