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  • Hi,

    I finished my first mobile app last weekend using Construct2. I exported to cocoonjs, assigned the key etc.. Everything seemed to work fine. When I downloaded and ran my app from the android store, my app had a white stripe on the right hand side (app runs in portrait orientation).

    I used a window size of 720x1280 to fit my Samsung galaxy note 2. I ran the app on a note 10.1 and galaxy s2 and got the white stripe. Clearly there is a scaling issue. I have tried all of the different scaling methods in Construct2 (under project properties) and all the different scaling properties in the cocoonjs cloud build service. Still no luck.

    I would be really happy if I could just get the app to fill the window (even if it is a bit stretched in one direction). Does anyone know how to fix this?


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