How do I make white sprite area clear

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  • Hello;

    I have some images I want to use as sprites, but they are not png files with clear backgrounds. They have solid pink or solid white backgrounds where I want them to be clear. How can I load these into sprites and turn the background transparent?

    thanks for your time.



  • Open it in an Imageeditor (Photoshop, Gimp, whatever), select the white background color (most programs have selection tools that work like the fill tool, select every pixel of the same color). After deleting the white area it should be transparent. Save the Image in .PNG or any Format that supports transparency.

    Replace the Image in Construct with the new one and *BAM* transparent Background. ^^

  • C2 image editor does allow you to fill in alpha, so if you have already imported your graphics, you could just open the graphics in the C2 editor, select the fill tool and set Alpha to 0. Click on area to set transparent.

    Remember to set the Alpha back to 255 when finished.

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  • Thankyou xxstyxx and zenox98.

    I will try to fix it in the c2 editor first.

    thanks lots.



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