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  • Hello, can someone take a look on my project? its just about the door i've made but for some reasons it doenst work that great. Maybe someone can tell me whats wrong :/

    its on the upper right area, the brown door


  • We don't know what it is you're wanting it to do differently, so it's kind of hard to help.. As a guess, try changing some of the physics settings like the angular damping..

  • i thought that was obvious but i just noticed it just happens if your on the wrong spot. So if u push the door at the handle it appears to move much slower or even dont feel like your pushing it. It mostly just moves if u touch it in the middle of the door.

    english isnt my native language so i got problems to explain stuff correctly.

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  • I'm not at my computer at the moment, but I'll give it another look when I get a chance..

    But to be honest, I don't know much about the physics behavior.. Did you take the capx down? I was going to say maybe retitle the post to something like "how do I Physics door" and you might get some better help.

  • Thx for the reply, yes i deleted it because i actually didnt expect any more responses ( im sure its also the fault of my title ) and wanted to delete this post but i didnt know how.

    And yes I searched for topics that deals with physic doors and i found one but the only thing i got from it was to use the physics joint function but thats it.

    I am focused at another Game Genre now so its ok if i dont get help that fast.

    But thx for the response !

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